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About Us

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Rehab Rising was founded by Dr. Taylor Hickok, who, after working in a variety of speech therapy settings, noticed a need for personalized, functional, and person-centered speech therapy. At Rehab Rising, you are not just a patient who gets assigned a one-size-fits-all treatment plan.  Each therapy session is thoughtfully designed and tailored to the needs of you and your family. You set your own goals. We make treatment meaningful and functional.

Rehab Rising treatment philosophy:

- We only use evidence-based treatments that are proven to be effective, applied to a functional setting.

- We take a personalized approach and take the time to develop strong connections with our clients.

- We value the importance of family/caregiver input and support during treatment.

- We select our treatment targets based on goals that are functional and meaningful to your life.

- You have the ultimate autonomy in your recovery process. Therapy is for you and your family.

At Rehab Rising, you own your recovery.



We are committed to forming deep and meaningful relationships with our clients and their families and designing treatment plans that are individualized to their unique needs.


We are dedicated to ensuring that all clients who need our services are able to access them. We are committed to working with our clients to making our services affordable and accessible to everyone.


We believe that the most effective speech therapy is focused on empowering the individual to become more independent, a better self-advocate, and fully engaged in their lives again.

Meet Dr. Taylor Hickok

Clinical Director and Speech Language Pathologist

Dr. Taylor Hickok, DBH, CCC-SLP is an ASHA Certified Speech and Language Pathologist specializing in evaluation and treatment of communication and cognitive disorders in adult populations following stroke, brain injury, and other neurological conditions.


She has experience working with victims of brain injury and stroke in a variety of settings, including a skilled nursing facility, outpatient clinic, and an intensive vocational rehabilitation program. Her therapy is highly personalized with a focus on functional independence in the home, community, and workplace.

Dr. Hickok is passionate about deeply connecting with individuals and their families, walking with them through the ups and downs of their recovery journey. She is dedicated to her unique client-centered philosophy, allowing clients and families to make decisions and have autonomy over their own care, a viewpoint that sets her apart from a traditional speech therapy setting.

In her spare time, Dr. Hickok enjoys spending time with her family, writing novels, and teaching piano to neighborhood children.

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I wish I would've met Taylor sooner in my recovery because the things she taught me were more than useful in my day to day. Her patience and the different strategies she'd use in order for me to better understand the concept she was explaining were great. She was more than thorough and understanding with my pace of learning. Best and most recommended therapist I have had.”

-Sam C. 

Taylor is the best speech therapist I have come across bar none. I have had 4 therapists so far and there is no question she is head and shoulders above the rest. The other therapists I have had have been good at their job but Taylor goes above and beyond them. She puts her heart into every interaction and she looks for solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of the patient. She comes up with innovative and sometimes out of the box solutions."


Meet Taylor MacMillan

Managing Director

Taylor MacMillan is a small business owner and an expert in health care IT security with over 7 years of experience working with health care clinics across the nation to keep their patient data safe and secure.

Although he works mainly behind the scenes, he is the lifeblood of Rehab Rising. He works tirelessly to ensure that the business maintains ethical, legal, and security compliance standards so that Rehab Rising can offer a seamless patient experience and deliver the best possible care.

In his spare time, Taylor enjoys traveling the world, listening to podcasts, and playing with his three large dogs.

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